OHIO Postmasters Proudly Serving America
OHIOPostmasters ProudlyServing America

      Welcome to Ohio NAPUS

United States Post Office, Lakeside-Marblehead 43440

          ****************************************************      We have an opeing in the State Convention Schedule, Monday morning for a singer . Interested Postmasters, or guests, should contact Lou Stuckey, Stuckey31@msn.com  or call 419-215-2227

!!! Know a Postmaster deserving recognition for their efforts ? !!!


We are still accepting nominations for the 'Postmaster of the Year', and  'Lifetime Achievement' awards to be presented

at the State Convention.


 Applications for nominees are found on the Awards pages.


NAPUS: "Knock Knock"

Congress: Who's There ?

NAPUS: 35 PM's

Congress: 35 PM's who ?

NAPUS: 35 OHIO Postmasters who traveled to Washington DC to protect and enhance our National Postal System


Go to the "Presidents Message" page for her full report on the Legislative Conference.


2016 NPA is at an Impasse

go to our "breaking News" page for information<

President Leonardi reiterated Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s commitment that there will be no post office evaluations until FY 2016—using FY 2016 data—and implementation of any changes will not take effect until mid-FY 2017​

Our mission is to provide you, the members of the OHIO Chapter of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States, with the resources and information that will improve your working and retirement lives.

When someone shares something of value

 with you and you benefit from it,

you have a moral obligation to share it with others.  




Have you reviewed your office ? 

Dont wait until the end of the year.

Go to our POST Plan page for a Powerpoint explanation.

The 80th Annual

NAPUS Ohio Chapter

State Convention

   May 15-17 2016

Crown Plaza Hotel

Worthington OH 

additional info at the state convention page 



Ohio NAPUS and the Ohio LEAGUE of Postmasters have waived the late registration fee for the Stae Convention. The $60 registration fee will apply until the convention, 


Join us at the

"President's Reception"

6:30 PM Sunday May 15 to get our convention started.


The League and NAPUS National and State Presidents will be joining us at the reception.


(The Executive Board Meeting begins at 3:30 for officers)

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           Aug 27 - Sept 1


New Orleans, LA




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