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I can't believe it has been one week since I returned from our National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For myself, it was the best convention I have ever attended. I was able to sit in on some of the executive board sessions and I learned how the intercore of NAPUS works. I was impressed with the training and information delivered to us by NAPUS leadership, PMG Donahoe, Megan Brennan, and Jeff Williamson. The New Jersey Postmasters did an outstanding job. The Jersey Boys and Miss America Pageant were fantastic.
I apologize for not getting this posted in a timely manner however when the arbitration decsion was announced on Monday 9/22/2014, my daily routine changed tremendously. The phone and emails are constant. Ohio NAPUS will do their best to get all vital information out as we are informed.
I will summarize convention first. PMG Donahoe said that the telecom torture will end. Nobody should be on telecoms more than 1 hour per day. If the lengthy telecoms don't stop he will pull the contract. No Postmasters are to work on Sunday's. He said that we must stop transporting small amounts of mail. He wants all repetitive reporting to stop. I had the opportunity to address him in regards to staffing concerns on the F4 side in Ohio. He was receptive and made notes. Bottom line is Ohio needs to do it right, by the contract. We would not be so short staffed if the staffing would have been done properly.
Megan Brennan provided a power point presentation. Megan discussed a lot about package business and the 24 hour clock. She states that the USPS plans to own the package business thus stressing the importance of scanning. Currently there are no additional hours budgeted for Amazon Sundays. She addressed usage of personal vehicles to deliver mail. In FY 2015 a program will be rolled out for employees that agree to use their personal vehicles. They will be able to get a rider on their insurance policy to provide coverage for official use. This will be an eBuy request. She stressed the importance of the right mail, on the right truck, at the right time. She reminded us to work in a responsible manner as we are being constantly watched. The USPS is working towards the right complement balance in all parts of the country. She informed us that an emphasis on sick leave will be coming. All employees must be regular in attendance.
Jeff Williamson said that it is unacceptable to take 80 days to hire an employee. This has to be fixed. He said that the LMS system is broke also and he takes ownership to that. It will be fixed. Fixing the ability to apply for employment on smart phones is currently being worked on. Currently they are working on all of these. He states that training is an investment, not a cost. Postmaster training will be rolled out in FY2015.
All three conducted a Q and A session following their talk. Many excellent concerns were raised and they took notes to address at the local districts. They were very receptive to our concerns.
I have been working with Tony Leonardi, our National NAPUS President, in regards to F4 staffing. He has been a tremendous help, along with Mark Strong, the LEAGUE National President. They have taken concerns to Doug Tolino. As of convention it had been decided that all Level 18's had to have career clerks and all 18's must adhere to the BUW contractual requirements of the APWU Contract.
I have instructions and paper work for filing mitigating factors for NPA. Please call me if needed.
There are still Post Plan impacted Postmasters without landing spots. NAPUS and the LEAGUE are continuing to work on this.
The future of NAPUS is in our hands. Growing membership is more important than ever. We could lose 9,000 members over this decision. If you know of any Postmasters that are retiring and are thinking about canceling their membership please let myself or one of the officers know so that we can get their names to National to be contacted. Tony stated that he or Dave Ravenelle will make a personal call.
The "team" at NAPUS Headquarters has already cut over $100,000 in expenses. That is remarkable. They are looking out for our organizations best interests in every aspect. Tony states that we will know more than we ever knew about NAPUS National. All of the proposed constitutional changes passed at National. See NAPUS.org for more info on these changes. NAPUS faces a loss of $800,000 alone just from implementation of Post Plan. Dues have not been increased in years and won't it be awesome to involve retirees in NAPUS leadership! We lost so much knowledge with each retire!
150's are now one more added responsibility. It is up to the Postmasters to notify the district 3 times when their office level increases.
Congratulations to all of our newly retired Postmaster and a special thank you to our Executive Vice President, Lou Stuckey. Thank you for your years of service to Ohio NAPUS and the USPS. Please don't be strangers to NAPUS.
The arbitration decision that was announced 9/2292014 is historical and will have an enormous impact on NAPUS and the USPS.
All Level 18's will be staffed with career clerks. All Level 18's are required to follow the contract as far as Postmasters performing bargaining unit work. There are many unanswered questions in regards to staffing and what will become of the PTPM's currently in the 6 hour offices.
From the MOU dated 9/22/2014--
As incumbent postmasters vacate Level 6 RMPO's, full time career duty assignments will be posted for bid within 28 days. Part time career postmasters who occupy the Level 6 RMPOs will be offered the opportunity to convert to a Level 6 full time clerk position in their office. This opportunity will take place 9/22/2016.
Offices currently staffed with bargaining unit employees may opt to stay in the level 2, 4, and 6 offices as a career employee. All level 18's currently staffed with an 818 PSE will be staffed with a career employee.
In closing, we are reminded that Postmasters are not part of a labor organization and NAPUS and the LEAGUE do not have authority to bargain collectively on behalf of our memberships. As I said previous the future of NAPUS is in our hands. Get involved, stay involved, and let's make sure NAPUS is viable for many years to come.
Please stay tuned to both the National and State websites for information to come.

Mari Beth Kirkland
Ohio State Chapter President
Office 1-440-437-6133
Cell 1-440-821-4667




The Postmasters organizations have had numerous meetings with Postal Headquarters regarding the final implementation of POStPlan, since the announcement of the extension of the POStPlan RIF date from September 30, 2014 to January 9, 2015.  As a result of these meetings, a number of clarifications on the implementation and the POStPlan Timeline were shared with the field.

Megan Brennan, COO and Executive Vice President, shared a letter clarifying the results of the re-evaluation of POStPlan offices using FY/2013 data and how the remaining offices being implemented for POStPlan would be impacted.

Community meetings will take place in those remaining offices and the implementation process completed by September 30, 2014. Those POStPlan offices that are vacant, will have the operation hours changed, consistent with current guidelines. Offices with encumbered Postmasters, will maintain their current grade, salary and hours of operation until  January 9,  2015, or it becomes vacant. The letter also states, that Postmasters will not be involuntarily moved from their office for assignments or details.

This letter helps clarify some problems we were having in the field, where POStPlan Postmasters were being told that their hours would be reduced to the level of the POStPLan office regardless of the RIF date or they could be sent to another office to work. We encourage Postmasters to seek details and assignments to improve their chances of getting a promotion or being placed into another position, but that decision is voluntary.

Click on  POSTPlan Org Change/RIF Timeline to view  the dates and events that lead up to the January 9, 2015, Effective date of RIF separation. Key dates include the official mailing to all impacted Postmasters, the annuity estimates, VER package, POStPlan memo which includes the implementation timeline. Impacted Postmasters who qualify for Optional or VER retirement have another decision to make, as the VER window period is from 6/30/2014 – 8/18/2014 with a VER effective date of 9/30/2014.  There is a ten thousand dollar incentive for the early retirement but it is only for impacted Postmasters who qualify for Optional or VER retirement.

Another event of importance to the impacted Postmasters is the Limited Area of Consideration (LAC) posting, opening on July 8 and closing on July 23, 2014. This posting, will be for eligible impacted career Postmasters only.  We have had two LAC postings for all Postmasters over the POStPlan implementation period but this is the first one for impacted Postmasters only. Please review the POStPlan Org Change/RIF Timeline for those positions that will be included in this LAC posting.

The RIF timeline gives the dates to all the specific events leading up to a possible RIF separation date of January 9, 2015, and RIF assignment date of January 10, 2015. It is our hope, that no one falls into the RIF separation category.  Contact your local HR manager, or HRSSC with questions you may have. As always, the NAPUS office will do all they can to assist with questions you may have.

One more significant agreement was worked out for those Postmasters who had voluntarily taken a downgrade to a 6 hour PT Postmaster job. Originally the saved salary was to have expired on October 1, 2014. Headquarters has agreed to extend this timeline to mirror the RIF timeline and this saved salary is now protected until January 9, 2015. Headquarters did not want to penalize Postmasters who had already taken steps to find a landing spot, freeing up POStPlan offices, and we could not agree more.

We will continue to share information on the final POStPlan implementation as it becomes available.


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It has come to the NAPUS Headquarters office attention that some members are using the postal email system to send out information.  The Postal Headquarters policy is that employee organizations and management organizations are NOT allowed to use the postal email system to send out information regarding their meetings and events.  The Postal Service stated this policy is due to concerns about multiple addresses and computer security issues which means this type of email usage is not considered under MI EL-660-2000-05.

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