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Due to an overwhelming amount of misunderstanding with the Global Settlement Remedy Agreement Case No. Q11C-4Q-C 11311239 and Q06C-4Q-C 10005587 with APWU, I sent this question to Michael Mlakar. He is the person who signed the settlement for the USPS.

The settlement reads "In the event that both a clerk and a Postmaster / Supervisor are staffing the window at the same time, all the time that the Postmaster /Supervisor is logged into POS (defined to mean the entire period from start of day to end of day) will be counted as bargaining unit work."

It is being interpreted by APWU to say, until the time the PM/Supervisor performs an End Of Day action. It means to log out, not stand by, but actual logging out. Performing the "end of day" in not the action, rather logging out is. I have pulled WOS reports to test this. If you are logged out, no activity is shown. If you are on stand by it shows 0's which indicates you are still logged in. Be careful on this as APWU is watching very closely and already doing ROI's for EDW reports. In some areas grievances have been filed.

The state presidents had a very good telecom with Tony Leonardi last Thursday night. The MOU that was signed New Year's Eve was the main topic. The RIF has been extended for impacted Postmasters until 2/6/2015. If your office has been evaluated as a 2 or 4 hour offices, you have the opportunity to accept an assignment as a career part time clerk. Please see the entire MOU on the Ohio website.

Personal leave is in ELM 519.742. There should be no questions about Exempt Postmasters taking Personal Leave. After the hours we incurred this past holiday season, every Postmaster should start now to discuss with their POOM how we will be compensated during mail count. The overwhelming workload is being addressed, however there are many issues going on at our NAPUS National office currently with the APWU Settlements and they take precedence.

All Level 18 APO's should request to hire the equivalent of two PTF's if they only have one. This is due to the fact that the APO is required to provide coverage for their RMPO's. With only one PTF, the APO Postmaster will then be required to violate the contract by working more than 15 hours of bargaining unit work. This will create costly grievances. In offices that don't earn two clerks, it will be unfortunate for the clerks to receive less work hours, however the cost of the grievance is a huge factor.

As always, if you need us please call one of the officers. We are here for you, our membership.

Mari Beth Kirkland
Ohio Chapter President


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It has come to the NAPUS Headquarters office attention that some members are using the postal email system to send out information.  The Postal Headquarters policy is that employee organizations and management organizations are NOT allowed to use the postal email system to send out information regarding their meetings and events.  The Postal Service stated this policy is due to concerns about multiple addresses and computer security issues which means this type of email usage is not considered under MI EL-660-2000-05.

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