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Will you make Legislative History ?


March 2016 marks the final time that NAPUS will hold its annual Legislative Conference in Washington DC. As you are all aware, NAPUS and the League of Postmasters will combine and become the United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA) next year. As of this writing, no plans are being made to replace our Legislative event with a hybrid meeting of both associations. So that being said, this is your last opportunity to join your fellow postmasters in Washington DC , letting our elected officials know how we stand on various issues pertaining to the Postal Service.
This year, the Ohio Chapter of NAPUS will reinstate providing a bus to transport postmasters to the event. As in past years, the bus will depart from the Old Dublin Post Office in suburban Columbus, then pick up more postmasters in the Ohio Valley Mall parking lot in St Clairsville  and then  proceed to the Conference hotel, located in Alexandria VA. This will occur on Saturday, March 12. We will return to Ohio, following the same route on Wednesday, March 16.
Interested? To help defray costs, the Chapter will contribute $400 to any NAPUS member who attends. You must register for the conference, attend the meetings and visit your congressional office on theTuesday during the conference to receive the stipend. IT IS A WIN-WIN DEAL. You help NAPUS educate our elected leaders, and you receive compensation to defray costs. You will also come home a better informed postmaster, educated on all of the pertinent  issues affecting your job, retirement issues and the USPS.
Here are the specifics of the trip in more detail:
  Saturday March 12 - Bus leaves Dublin OH at 8:00 am, arrives in St Clairsville at 10:00 am. Arrives at Conference Hotel at 5:30 pm.
  Sunday March 13  - Conference meetings begin 8:00am through 5 pm
  Monday March 14 - Break out meetings for officers. (if you are not an officer, this is your day for sight seeing) We schedule a training class in the evening to discuss the congressional visits on Tuesday.
  Tuesday March 15 - We go to Capitol Hill to visit our Congressmen.
  Wednesday March 16 - Board bus for trip back to Ohio, arriving in Dublin around 8:00 pm.
In addition to the above, Ohio NAPUS gets together and goes out to dinner one evening, and will be followed be a sight-seeing drive around Washington at night in our bus .  
We are chartering a 42 passenger bus for the trip.                                                             To reserve a seat on the bus you must:
Send a check or money order for $75 to reserve your seat to:
    Ted Gedeon
    12095 Country Oaks  Trail
    Chardon OH 44024-9006
Please mail them by March 6, 2016. The check or money order will be refunded back to you on the bus. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR  PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADRESS AND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT IN WHICH YOU RESIDE. The contact information is very helpful and well as knowing which congressional office you will be visiting.
This will be your LAST CHANCE to attend the Legislative Conference!! We hope that you will come along with us!
Registration and headquarters hotel information can be found on the NAPUS website.   Those looking for a lower priced hotel alternative should check out the 
Americana Hotel, 1 block away from the Conference. Phone number there is  703-979 -3772
Visit the Leadership/Legislative page for Registration and Conference Schedule


President Leonardi reiterated Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s commitment that there will be no post office evaluations until FY 2016—using FY 2016 data—and implementation of any changes will not take effect until mid-FY 2017​

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