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The Ohio Chapter of NAPUS Executive Board met in Columbus on 11/8/2014. We had 14 board members in attendance. It was a very productive meeting.

Highlights of the meeting are as follows:

All Officers and Districts gave their reports.

A Membership Committee met prior to the meeting and discussed a plan of action to clean up the Ohio Membership list. Currently, it is out of date and incorrect. It was decided to do a postcard state mailing to assist in this.

National NAPUS has called for a "Membership BLITZ". I called on 14 members to assist in completing office calls to increase membership. This was the week of 11/3/2014 through 11/7/2014 however we are still completing the calls. This should assist the state in correcting their list as well.

Ted Gedeon and Rita Schemmel discussed the Legislative trip. Ohio NAPUS will provide van transportation for all delegates that need transportation. The styphen was approved at $350.00 per delegate who registers, attends training sessions, and visits their congressional office.

Post Plan, the APWU settlement, and staffing, was the main topic of conversation for old business. It seems there are many questions unanswered and we informed the board that we would try to keep updates on the Website.

Lou Stuckey, the 2015 Convention chair, was not able to attend this meeting, however I discussed the preliminary plans. It will have a “Reunion theme”. We will be holding a reverse raffle to raise money. More information to come.

We tabled the discussion about realigning our NAPUS districts.

The 2015 Budget was read and approved.

We again discussed membership and the legislative conference under new business. We approved an upgrade to our Quicken finance program for $65.00.

Any other new and old business was called for and there was none.



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It has come to the NAPUS Headquarters office attention that some members are using the postal email system to send out information.  The Postal Headquarters policy is that employee organizations and management organizations are NOT allowed to use the postal email system to send out information regarding their meetings and events.  The Postal Service stated this policy is due to concerns about multiple addresses and computer security issues which means this type of email usage is not considered under MI EL-660-2000-05.

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