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Janette "Gugi" Degen

I hope in the last three years you have enjoyed the NAPUS Ohio State Buckeye Publications. Our new National President Tony Leonardi has appointed me to serve as your next National Editor for the Postmasters Gazette for the year 2014. I am pleased and honored to be part of the NAPUS National Executive Board working with Tony and communicating to all our Postmasters in the United States. I am proud to say that our Ohio State publication won numerous editorial awards including the Editor of the Year, John Fitzgerald, and the Harold McCraw award for overall excellence in a NAPUS publication.

I look forward to hearing from you for ideas or stories to share with our NAPUS organization. Contact me by email gugidegen@gmail.com or telephone 419.302.5842.


State Editor &

National Associate Editor,

Postmaster Gazette  


Spencerville 45887  
121 S. Broadway St  
C: 419.302.5842
O: 419.647.4640

Our mission is to provide you, the members of the OHIO Chapter of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States, with the resources and information that will improve your working and retirement lives.

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