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POST Plan savings "Unreliable" per GAO
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NAPUS Call for Post Office Hour Reduction Moratorium Justified by Recent GAO Report


Over the past 18 months, NAPUS has raised concerns about the lack of data to indicate the amount of money the U.S. Postal Service saved as a result of reduced post office hours and post office re-classifications. In fact, one year ago, President Tony Leonardi testified before a Senate forum on rural mail issues at which he called for a moratorium on further post office hour reductions and re-classifications, particularly with regard to current Level-18 post offices. In part, NAPUS declared at the forum that the lack of accurate data, no assessment of rural impact, and the absence of information relating to revenue losses justified a pause in post office hour reductions and re-classifications. Shortly thereafter, Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Tom Carper introduced S. 1754 and S. 2051, bills that include NAPUS-supported provisions to implement the post office moratorium.

This past Friday, April 29, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) added its expert voice to the legislative discussion. At the request of House Oversight and Government Reform Chair Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and House Government Operations Subcommittee Chair Mark Meadows (R-NC), the GAO conducted a performance audit of POStPlan. In sum, the GAO concluded that the Postal Service’s “estimates of expected POStPlan cost savings have limitations that affect their reliability.” (Highlights of GAO-16-385, April 2016) The GAO went on to point out that these limitations include “imprecise and incomplete labor costs, including errors in underlying data; lack of sensitivity review; and the exclusion of other factors that affect net cost savings, particularly the potential impact of reduced retail hours on revenue.” (Highlights of GAO-16-385, April 2016) And, the GAO report concluded: “Although POStPlan was an initiative that affected about 66 percent of US post offices and Postmasters, USPS did not produce cost-savings estimates with the level of rigor that an initiative with such a large footprint may have warranted.”  (GAO-16-385, April 2016, p. 31)

NAPUS believes that the GAO report reinforces its call for a post office hour reduction and reclassification moratorium.

You may view the GAO Report in its entirety here.

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POST Plan News



NAPUS National President, Tony Leonardi, and LEAGUE National President, Mark Strong, received the following explanation from Vice President, Labor Relation, Doug A. Tulino, concerning the inclusion of Level 6 POStPLAN offices during Limited Area of Consideration (LAC) posting scheduled for July 8, 2014 through July 23, 2014.

The APWU has filed a national level dispute regarding the Postal Service’s decision to staff Level 6, Level 4, and Level 2 offices with part-time career Postmasters and PMRs.  The case has been arbitrated, the parties have submitted briefs, and we are awaiting the arbitrator’s ruling.  Until we get that ruling, it would be inappropriate to include the Level 6 offices as a viable landing spot for Postmasters, because if we receive an adverse ruling from the arbitrator, those offices would not be a viable landing spot






The Postmasters organizations have had numerous meetings with Postal Headquarters regarding the final implementation of POStPlan, since the announcement of the extension of the POStPlan RIF date from September 30, 2014 to January 9, 2015.  As a result of these meetings, a number of clarifications on the implementation and the POStPlan Timeline were shared with the field.

Megan Brennan, COO and Executive Vice President, shared a letter clarifying the results of the re-evaluation of POStPlan offices using FY/2013 data and how the remaining offices being implemented for POStPlan would be impacted.

Community meetings will take place in those remaining offices and the implementation process completed by September 30, 2014. Those POStPlan offices that are vacant, will have the operation hours changed, consistent with current guidelines. Offices with encumbered Postmasters, will maintain their current grade, salary and hours of operation until  January 9,  2015, or it becomes vacant. The letter also states, that Postmasters will not be involuntarily moved from their office for assignments or details.

This letter helps clarify some problems we were having in the field, where POStPlan Postmasters were being told that their hours would be reduced to the level of the POStPLan office regardless of the RIF date or they could be sent to another office to work. We encourage Postmasters to seek details and assignments to improve their chances of getting a promotion or being placed into another position, but that decision is voluntary.

Click on  POSTPlan Org Change/RIF Timeline to view  the dates and events that lead up to the January 9, 2015, Effective date of RIF separation. Key dates include the official mailing to all impacted Postmasters, the annuity estimates, VER package, POStPlan memo which includes the implementation timeline. Impacted Postmasters who qualify for Optional or VER retirement have another decision to make, as the VER window period is from 6/30/2014 – 8/18/2014 with a VER effective date of 9/30/2014.  There is a ten thousand dollar incentive for the early retirement but it is only for impacted Postmasters who qualify for Optional or VER retirement.

Another event of importance to the impacted Postmasters is the Limited Area of Consideration (LAC) posting, opening on July 8 and closing on July 23, 2014. This posting, will be for eligible impacted career Postmasters only.  We have had two LAC postings for all Postmasters over the POStPlan implementation period but this is the first one for impacted Postmasters only. Please review the POStPlan Org Change/RIF Timeline for those positions that will be included in this LAC posting.

The RIF timeline gives the dates to all the specific events leading up to a possible RIF separation date of January 9, 2015, and RIF assignment date of January 10, 2015. It is our hope, that no one falls into the RIF separation category.  Contact your local HR manager, or HRSSC with questions you may have. As always, the NAPUS office will do all they can to assist with questions you may have.

One more significant agreement was worked out for those Postmasters who had voluntarily taken a downgrade to a 6 hour PT Postmaster job. Originally the saved salary was to have expired on October 1, 2014. Headquarters has agreed to extend this timeline to mirror the RIF timeline and this saved salary is now protected until January 9, 2015. Headquarters did not want to penalize Postmasters who had already taken steps to find a landing spot, freeing up POStPlan offices, and we could not agree more.

We will continue to share information on the final POStPlan implementation as it becomes available.

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