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Defending NAPUS Postmasters


NAPUS is committed to representing its membership in all areas, including discipline cases and adverse actions (removals, long suspensions and demotions).

While NAPUS wishes that no Postmaster would ever get into trouble, the organization supports and finances the finest representation system for Postmasters. NAPUS also works diligently to prevent problems before they occur.

To that end, NAPUS consistently has maintained a motivated and highly skilled team of Postmaster representatives. This team is known as the National Postmaster Representation Committee.

Members of the National PM Rep Committee assist Postmasters facing discipline or other adverse actions. For serious cases coming under the jurisdiction of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), committee members work with the NAPUS Legal Defense Plan attorney in providing representation.

In addition to these national PM reps, most NAPUS state chapters also have a PM rep committee or at least a PM rep to assist Postmasters. Many of these chapter reps work in conjunction with their national counterparts in coordinating assistance to Postmasters who find themselves in trouble in their offices.

NAPUS funds a highly qualified Legal Defense Plan to assist members with particularly challenging legal cases. NAPUS encourages any Postmaster who is experiencing problems to contact NAPUS officers, Postmaster representatives or staff for assistance. Help, advice or assistance early on can help prevent more serious problems later.

The finest protection a Postmaster can provide is self-protection. Postmasters should know the requirements of their positions and strive faithfully and accurately to fulfill these responsibilities.

Seek help when needed by downloading the The Inspector General – OIG form or ask another Postmaster or officer for help. Do not do anything that could even possibly be considered illegal or unethical. A Postmaster holds a position of trust in that office and the community and will be held to high standards.

Postmasters facing possible disciplinary or adverse actions immediately should contact the NAPUS National Office


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This is a nationally recognized process between the Postal Service and NAPUS. If you (the Postmaster) have an issue in your Post Office that is not being resolved by upper management to your satisfaction and you believe your facts justify your issue that is where the Resolution Log Process begins.


Your next step is to contact your NAPUS state president who will start the Resolution Log form. (form located on the NAPUS website and below) They (State President) will contact the District Manager or their designee to try to solve your issue. If they do not have success, the form (after State President fills in their section) is mailed along with documents to your NAPUS National Vice President who will take your issue to your Postal Service Area office.


The NAPUS National Vice President will contact the USPS Area Vice President in question or their designee and present the issue. If the USPS Area office does not agree with our issue, the NAPUS National Vice President will fill in their part of the Resolution Log form and send the entire packet to the NAPUS National Office, attn. Executive Director.


The NAPUS National President or Executive Director will contact the USPS Area in question and try one more time to get the issue solved. If that is not successful, the Executive Director will write a cover letter on the facts of the issue and the corrective actions the Postal Service must take to solve the issue. The entire packet will then be numbered, logged and sent to Postal Headquarters Labor Relations office. The Executive Director will work with the Postal Service on the issue with the results relayed to all parties when completed.

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The Office of the Inspector General



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